Faith and anti-trafficking

An ESRC funded research project at the Universities of Sheffield and Leeds

This project seeks to understand how faith shapes approaches to anti-trafficking. What, if anything, is distinctive about the support offered by faith-based organisations (FBOs)? How is this support experienced by trafficked persons?

Latest news

13 May 2021

Sheffield Migration Research Group seminar

Understanding the Postsecular in Faith-Based Responses to Trafficking, Forced Labour and Slavery in the UK.

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13 May 2021

Distinctive or professionalised?

Our article investigating the roles of faith based organisations in anti-trafficking has been published in the journal Sociology.

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24 January 2020

Report launch: faith responses to modern slavery

The Faith and anti-trafficking initial findings report was launched at our conference in Sheffield today.

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Project highlight

This was a collaboration between members of the research team, photographer Jeremy Adams and anti-trafficking organisations.

The photographs from Unhidden in Plain Sight aim to counter images used by anti-trafficking organisations which often re-victimise the people they are looking to support.

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