Unhidden in Plain Sight

18 September 2018

We are excited to announce that ‘Unhidden in Plain Sight‘ will be exhibited in the Sheffield Winter Garden 20-30 September 2018.

We previously posted here about our project funded by the Festival of the Mind, to work with photographer Jeremy Abrahams, and anti-trafficking organisations Ashiana, City Hearts (now Causeway) and Snowdrop. The project has undergone a name change as part of the creative process. It is intended to subvert the common use of the phrase ‘hidden in plain sight’ in anti-trafficking campaigns – many of which nevertheless continue to perpetuate simplistic depictions of evil traffickers and exploited victims.

The collection aims to address and avoid the problems associated with anti-trafficking images that often objectify, stereotype and can re-victimise people who campaigns and organisations want to support.

What do you think? Are sensationalist images needed to unlock charitable donations? Can more complex messages be conveyed in campaigning and NGO images? Join us to discuss these challenges at the Unhidden Audience Workshops at the Festival of the Mind.

More details of the background of this project are available on our Unhidden in Plain Sight page.

All Unhidden images are © Jeremy Abrahams